At Amphibious Achievement, we dream of a world whose youth have an unrelenting belief in themselves.

We create a supportive community to mentor under-resourced high school students in growing a strong belief in themselves. Through the lens of an athletic and academic environment focusing on higher education, we enable them to realize and achieve their full potential.

Info about the program:


The program is 10 weeks long, and has a semester in the fall and the spring. Each session is on Sunday, starts at 8:30am and ends at 1:30pm. The first session begins on September 24th, and the last session is on November 19th. The program is entirely free of charge. Each session of the program is at MIT.

Each Sunday consists of an athletics, academics, and a “deep dive”. We also have a free lunch after athletics.

We believe that our sports - swimming and rowing - are complementary to the lessons that we teach in the classroom. These sports can teach grit, the ability to overcome setbacks and push through challenges. Additionally, these sports are typically less-accessible for many of the students in our program. We coach students with a spectrum of abilities in these sports- from those who have never picked up an oar or taken a stroke in a pool to those who compete in the sport regularly.


One of the primary goals of the program is to develop a love of learning amongst our students. We have lessons every session on interesting and less-frequently-taught topics to spark curiosity from our students. Some past lessons include the ramifications of editing the human genome, methods of rhetoric using ethos, pathos and logos, and writing basic computer programs in scratch. We have a 1:1 teacher-to-student ratio in small groups to maximize student engagement.

Deep Dive:

At the end of each session we allocate time to spend with our students on whatever they would like to focus on. For many of our juniors, this will be the college process (e.g., searching for colleges, filling out the common application, writing essays). For others this may be homework help or a further exploration of the lesson of the day.


One of the most valuable parts of the program is our ability to be a mentor to our students. Each student in the program is paired with exactly one mentor. This mentor is their resource to lean on and take advantage of. The mentor will meet and speak with their student throughout the week, be a role model for them, and be a resource whenever they are needed.